Digidesign Digi 001
Digidesign Digi 001

Digi 001, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Digidesign.

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superbuse 06/18/2003

Digidesign Digi 001 : superbuse's user review


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Digidesign is the reference in the studio pros, quality is the appointment but the price also ... If a home studio to fit the Digi001 the Mbox or Digi002 are good alternatives.Vous can record 8 tracks simultaneously (in with a mixing console) or enter the microphones or instruments (two inputs with preamps and phantom power).
At the level of use you can mix, edit, sequence, sampling, but also record ...
Needed for the config: Mac mini + G3 256 (minimum) of RAM, two hard drives (1 for the system and dedicated exclusively to the acquisition. With PC, you need a Pentium 4, a lot of ram and still two hard drives.
Example of PC config: P4 2Gig, P4B533 motherboard, 512 RAM, a disk system 40 Giga, Giga 1 audio disc 60.


Installation is no problem if the computer has a config suffisante.Eviter install cubase on the same machine as the Asio drivers disrupt the operation of Pro Tools and prevent certain applications from working (eg rebirth, reason, recycle, GRM tools ...).
With the help of the manual, no problem installation.
Tip: Once you find a config that works with any application you want, do a reformat and reinstall a minimum of what you need avoiding superflux.Dans some cases it is advisable to partition the drive system and install two systems (Windows OS) in order to log on audio only or log on multimedia, internet or office.


The drivers are stables.Les updates occur when changing from generation software or systems (download on digidesign.com). For my part I use primarily Pro Tools, as well as rebirth, reason, fruity loops or logic and a multitude of audio Plug'ins. The latency will depend on the power of your CPU and RAM ... With Digi001 can physically record 8 tracks simultaneously and play 24 tracks simultaneously (with Plug'ins course) .


I use this card for 1 year and did my weapons on Pro Tools TDM Mix Cube in a studio professionnel.Pro software tools is stable, secure, efficient and professionnel.Le design of version 5.1.1 under Windows 98SE n is more trendy, but is it better to a piece of software or a good software? And you can go to any pro studio with pro tools (80% of cases) and import your sessions to work again in an environment (listening, consoles, effects ...)
I am a faithful digidesign for the quality and thoroughness of work ... With the experience I would opt for a Mac rather than a PC but it must have the means! Reassure your PC is a powerful but require more of computer literacy.