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E-MU 1820
E-MU 1820

PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from E-MU

Thread E-Mu No Talk to Sonar Suddenly

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1 E-Mu No Talk to Sonar Suddenly
My set-up in signature below.

Bought E-Mu 1820 sound card a few weeks ago. Love it. Installed with no problem, used with Sonar for a few weeks, everything great. Today I messed around a little with some of the effects in my E-Mu Patch-Mix DSP Control Panel. Just effects. Now E-Mu won't speak to Sonar. I get good levels from my mic input in the Patch-Mix meters, but nothing is getting to Sonar anymore. I restored all defaults in Patch-Mix, in case I accidentally changed something. Rebooted. Still nothing in Sonar. Sonar sees my ASIO drivers for E-Mu; audio set-up seems right. But nothing.

So what did I do? And more important, what should I do now?


Paul S.


Dell P4, 3.06 GHz, with HT; 1G RAM; 120G HD; 250G HD for audio; Win XP Home 5.1; E-MU 1820; Sonar 4.0.2 SE; Tapco monitors; Edirol PCR-80 Keyboard
Did you inadvertently delete the sends? These connect the inputs to your host software; without these sends, the patchmix software only acts in direct monitoring mode. Click on the link in my sig.