E-MU 1820m
E-MU 1820m

1820m, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from E-MU.

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Furt 02/27/2005

E-MU 1820m : Furt's user review


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Set of two cards: one for the sync connectors lautre with SPDIF, ADAT and dsp, along with 2 external dun Dock excellent pre amp with power Tfpro fantme common (Acesta damage), two MIDI ports, 6 out of 8 symtriques, between an RIAA platinum with prampli, 4 outputs HP Stros 3.5 mm, headphone, SPDIF optical and well on sound converters, the same as those utiliss clbre the product Digidesign - ProTools HD interface 192 I / O

Jen wants to forget still so Lemue vritable be a gas plant.


Everything would be fine with the best hardware if there were drivers and that damn Patchmix coming gcher the fte.

With Samplitude, using the WDM driver, you can not accder inputs soties numriques Adat or SPDIF. You must use the ASIO driver for it and go without the possibility of using two cards at the same time.
Configuration PatchMix is ​​anything but intuitive.
But the musician has no time lost in handling and configurations of any kind. That's what makes the musicians prfrent the Mac to PC: everything is easier. So why manufacturers s'ingnient they complicate the Czech possible users.
We must choose quickly and clearly the inputs and outputs of its sound card which is not the case with the EMU.
Use with Samplitude Relva the permanent head breaks, it can be the fault of the software but the majority of other audio interfaces do not pose this problem. One has the impression that the 1820m Has Designed to work only with Cubase.
The manual is complete in French but not of much help because it does not explain the philosophy of the designers of the card. The assignment of the channel strip is nbuleuse becaufe poorly explained.


EMU seems to mock compltement users: the updates, when available, do not provide significant amliorations.
Latency, with Samplitude, may be of 5ms, which is not bad.


When we get log tracks samplitude with I / O of the 812m, all is well.
The pramplis are excellent, the converters do not seem all of a stunning quality as good plutt.
I do not like the effects of PatchMix.
For cons, the AudioDock very hot and it would be able apprciable the dye.
I bought this interface to overcome the difficulties faced with the Motu 828 MK2 and because his report qualitprix seemed a good rev.
Given the time I lose rgulirement find configurations that have yet t normally backups, I will not go at all this choice. there are many other things more interesting for competitors: Edirol, Prsonus, RME brings me regret my old Seck'd Prodif 96 pro.