E-MU 1820m
E-MU 1820m

1820m, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from E-MU.

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degrace 12/18/2004

E-MU 1820m : degrace's user review


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The map features that motivated my choices are different. The number of inputs and converters berserk.
I play heavy metal. Guitar, amp, preamp, microphones, bass ... Kit classic, what ...
My config: celeron 2.67 ghz, 778 MB RAM, 80 GB HD and 20 GB.


The hardware installation is no problem ... except a little but then little snag ... the map synchronization beyond the box! If so, I swear ... it's a bad start ... So synchronization card unusable. (I said that my case is standard)
Another disadvantage of size, in common with all the cards pro: Windows 98 and Millennium are not usable, only XP and 2000 are compatible.
The start of the sound card is ... chaotic. Manual PatchMix (interface that handles volumes, inputs and outputs ...) is totally inadequate. Not clear to understand how to do something stupid style record a wave file or send the sound output. For a map of this award ... unacceptable. In addition do not rely on after-sales service for purchase by mail order. My rating is well deserved.
This card is not over, but continues to be marketed ... and I'm not the only one to say.


Latency is very low hardware performance is very good. But overnight (it's a lot to say> I turned off the computer and I came back an hour), the card no longer worked. No shock, no hacking, no explanation. So here it takes on the forums, and it's cotton ... Do not ask yourself these questions and buy a card that works. For the money ... in video games, some of his cuts.
When she walks on the other hand, the sound is clear. You can see the difference from a crap card.


I use this card for two months, after a sound blaster live platinum ... at least it is easy to use and ... it works!
The value for money is very poor, so the card is unworthy of inclusion in the category of cards pros ... I deeply regret my choice, both for those sleepless nights to come.
ALL THIS IS NOT A JOKE, unfortunately. I really hate this card against the idiot that I have slammed 500 euros in such a stew. I'm not the only one for that matter. Some have no problem
(See other reviews) ... for now anyway. I know people with whom she has never worked. Others crunches low latency, and some conflicts with the onboard sound card to their motherboard ... short, buy a RME, at this price it should be possible to have better luck.
THIS NOTICE is only my opinion, users seem happy ....