E-MU 1820m
E-MU 1820m

1820m, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from E-MU.

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MGR/fourstring 06/21/2004

E-MU 1820m : MGR/fourstring's user review

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Guitar Center, Portland OR, $499.99

Having same A/D processors as the Digidesign 002 at a budget price, ease of use, FANTASTIC manual, easy to install, great software package - really a one-stop recording studio in a box (assuming you have a computer already). Best of all (for us PC users) is that it really seems to be built to work for PC as well as it does for Mac. Running on a 2.0 P4 w/ 512 Mg of RAM = screaming performance so far...

Design of breakout box makes the front panel hard to see - would be nice to see sync daughter board made so it doesn't use up a PCI slot.

The design of this unit is really well done throughout - one really nice feature is that the breakout box is hot-swappable, making it easy to reposition or replug if you need to change it while recording. The Patchmix DSP software *main mixing software* is so easy to understand, totally configurable beyond your wildest dreams!

This unit was designed for either the mid-level studio that wants to sound high-level. It is a smart, user-friendly and easy to use package, from the hardware to the powerful software that is included *Cubasis VST*. It is tremendously easy to install and set up for use. I would suggest this is a fantastic product for either a first-time user of computer-based recording, or for

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