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christophe.alzetto 07/25/2003

E-MU APS : christophe.alzetto's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It is a versatile card, a kind of precursor to a system that Creamw @ re Pulsar. I made this choice he Yadji almost 5 years (!) For the good report card qualitprix convertos with a different order than those of SB, a management and a DSP sounffonts tr s fully stocked with soft (the mixing desk and effects of the era w98, yum!) + I / O and analog numriques trs sufficient in number for studio work (insufficient for live, but not my n'tait) + doc a strong and accessible for home-studio owners still green ... For models it perfectly silent, it still is if you can afford to stay in 16 bit 48 Khz. That said I know that the pros used it a few times again for the def, reporting for music and movies (yes, really!) By mocking many of the limitation to 48 Khz.
It runs on an Athlon XP1800 + and 512MB of DDR, but once she turned on a lot less than without a problem!
So connectivity issue, ATTENTION: In addition there is a grate in the config jumper E-Drive, if you choose to send the 12 V power supply phantm (I prfre not serve me of a, I use pramps DDIS undertaking it and I come into line level), think connect asymtrique (TRS jacks), otherwise the signal bobo ... I apris my APRS NWPD dsesprement taken many weaklings ... No, these entries have the potato, but ... T - R - S! If necessary, you must tinker TRS-XLR cables.


Well, there have been 3 years galre black with a cessation of support drivcers. Fortunately, a ingnieur had the good ide, and the comptence gnrosit available to the famous Kx drivers. The problem is that the CABG virtual assignments and everything, c'tait a job for ... engineers. But O wonder, we learn now that E-MU (well, Creative, what) went back to taff and out ... version 1.6 for 2000 and XP! ! ! ! Incomprhensible ... but because of bnf. I started testing all bazard: ca Ragit carefully as old as 98 applications, but with limitations and less! And this is good: the softs taient trs, trs damn good routing and stack effects, sweet and stupid limitation of 32 KB of loading soundfon, ts in RAM jumps ! ! ! Ah ah ah, who said E-MU as an era c'tait strictly impossible, Mmmmmh ?.... As for latency, ASIO and everything has a ca t visibly amlior trs.
In short, the huge and unacceptable problem of incompatibility appear to belong to the past. To be confirmed. So, we end up with an effective management DSP possible time effects rls as trs really good.


Well, we saw the issue of drivers.
Cubase or Sonar, no problem. I have to make tests pass but the latency is 2 ms! As for the tracks simultanment readable in 48 Khz I turned twenty dj uneventful. Recording, you can make full use of all inputs simultanment no problem either, but in any case it takes the RAM!
So the 9 / 10 is by "forgetting" the PERIOD cessation support, einh, we do agree ...

Otherwise, a glimpse:


Old user of the bte, so it would seem that the arrival of drivers thanks 1.6 the E-MU offers a second life. And it may be worth, despite his ct Exceeds same as when I find it is convenient and it rings. Today, I'd perhaps be more for RME, a Creamware, whatever ... but the era c'tait a trs good choice, and I find it still crdible.