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runuts 07/12/2003

E-MU APS : runuts's user review


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J'm'en use it on a PC config duron 1200 with 512 MB SDRAM for models (like pop rock), coupled with sonar. Level features is a bit old (16bit 48khz) but not the stuff I hope to scrape enough quality to my sound card (a 48 or 96khs breath, it's still a breath o)). level instruments, I record mostly the voice, guitar, sound module, and synths (+ some soundfonts from time to time too).
Note: DSPs are great, and real-time effects are downright useful (for my level)


It has been said, but the installation of drivers is not possible on an original config> win98. Dur. and that's a shame, because the apps included with the drivers (table mix, playing soundfonts) were frank and friendly practices.
Today, it is the site FREQUENTLY checker, which provides drivers for XP and 2000, quite powerful, but very technical: to use the DSP must be banging a virtual wiring hot enough to saisr early . good, with a little practice, you get there (fortunately, we can save their configs).


The Kx drivers are stable, updated frequently (about once a month) and it is approaching at 4ms latency, which is very respectable, and sufficient to record a track over another without having to move. I record the songs as sonar generally have a dozen audio tracks, plus three tracks quattre noon, and arrived without any problems in re-record over one when it is necessary, or add virtual effects (reverb and company) DSP by reading out all this.
In short, nothing wrong with this view, this card is quite usable in home studio enthusiast.


I use it for about 3 years.
the +: no brainer for the install (Kx drivers), no latency issues, very little breath, the DSPs and the many effects included with the Kx drivers (among other auto-wah terrible drivers original) + 1 4in 2outs noon, just what I need (j qd've even added a USB MIDISPORT 2x2)
and -: gallery before falling on the Kx drivers, the gallery of wiring to use DSP effects with these drivers, small cracks in the tps tps (clicks).
value for money: in enuf, this card at a price compltement abérent (4000 balls I think) while qd is even a kind of soundblaster improved, but OCCAZ, we found for 200 euros, which is reasonable.
you do again this choice: Yeah, no doubt.