Echo Layla 24
Echo Layla 24

Layla 24, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Echo.

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Jayhdy 06/10/2003

Echo Layla 24 : Jayhdy's user review


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8 inputs, 8 outputs, optical and Midi controller one to 01 V, has it's great. I use it at home, in the studio to record live.
I work on Pc athlo K7 800, 784 Mb SDRAM (133Mhz), 3 disk IDE 7200, 2 7200 firewire disk;
I use a 01V with the Schoeps and Neumann and of EMU Darwin (DTD). My rating is only 8 but there is no AES (pro card?) And in / outs are really jacks Wed question ..


Incredible! Especially for the era of the output. I use it for over 2 years and no crash, but the manual is clear and in English for stupid questions or subsidiary service email Echo is unbelievable (believe they sleep derrire their posts! ).
The routing of the card is gorgeous and super easy, a must for me.


Drivers gniaux super stable and rgulirement updates.
I am using Nuendo, Wavelab, FIRST, and it's VEGAS trs trs stable latency barely audible and very easy adjustable.

I also work well in small sessions (4 tracks) than large trs (dernire in dte 84 tracks including 32 stro) and running but not on an external disk!
Recording 16 runs trs trs well but again on a disk diffrent internal bone.


Dj 2 years and above 2 years of this wonderful thanks Fidler Echo carte.Super drivers, super routing, integration with no problem but the o is down injured on the dnomination card.
I read business card. Even if it's true that 3 Tracks, 2 albums and 10 lives later and still works even though we feel that trs card compress, cut a little from of 30 Hz and above 18 kHz (also diagrams refltent the Echo and it's one of the few brands to post again congratulations to the support). Since I had the opportunity to try different brands DIFFERENT awards including one that sounds really Manir a linear (this is the most important point and the most critical for a mix: monitoring) is the Digigram VX pocket that can support a professional concept in comparison with Layla a little expensive when mme.Aujourd 'Today I turned over to a metric or if MOTU c'tait 2 years ago I referrer .