ESI Wami Rack 24
ESI Wami Rack 24

Wami Rack 24, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from ESI.

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ear2 08/29/2006

ESI Wami Rack 24 : ear2's user review


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I use this sound card a long time. In the era, my choice motivated by the silent ASIO2.0 drivers and the number of I / O large enough.
The pub also very windy era 120db dynamic which had strongly influenced my purchase.
I use it on a PIV/3Ghz, no problem.
It is a rev of the catch of his on my synths.

Today it is a card that you can not find that opportunity and its relationship qualitprix gets really good trs. It possdera less I / O card that will only rcente and the 24/96, but the quality is at the appointment.

It has 4 line inputs with mic + 48v power supply, 8 outputs, midi in 4, 4 midi out, SPDIF I / O and 24/96 Optical, World Clock master and slave.
All I / O symtriques (Stereo Jack).


RAS, never had a problem to install.


Latency is correct -> drivers are well developed.
I come easily have the 4 / 8 out simultanments.
Are among the least numrique located on the analog input 3 / 4 which does not use two at the same time.
Same for output numrique on analog outputs 1 / 2.
MIDI works well but does not like some sysex too busy. For MIDI I use a motu is much more stable.


I use it for at least 3 years and apart from a tendency to heat the fcheuse pice, nothing really mchant report.
The Converto are good, sound is OK for this rev range.
The microphone preamp's not bad, but not counted by performing miracles is not at Neve.
I AIM one or two XLR microphone connections for facade, see the same jack.

The reliability is good, it still does not breath from the time I use it.

I think I will keep, since the selling price, and then it dpanne always a few I / O and more.
Today I turned towards plutt Converto better invoice as Apogee, but the price is not the same and I could not afford (well it will be a financial sacrifice even qd) .