Hercules Studio ISIS
Hercules Studio ISIS

Studio ISIS, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Hercules.

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breizhinours35 09/28/2004

Hercules Studio ISIS : breizhinours35's user review


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Regarding the number of inputs and outputs, others are Describes dj.

I like the external rack. It is compact, possde the digital and the analog (not to mention the famous MIDI) so complete.

That said, and that is why I strongly deprecated this card, it only works on Win98! And yes you need two sysrmes operating and that's the problem started ...
(Well two systems if you turn on your XP for other applications)


RAS, everything is installed perfectly.


The main problem on this card (the problem of operating system) and the level of. Prampli are worthy of the club jou! impossible to reach even in-6db on a record! Unless you put your volume keyboard or guitar background hands of grsille blow hard!


Frankly I bought used 100euros so I had nothing to lose but I have used that can trs. Once you live through a prmix but it crashed all the time so I record 8 tracks while broadcast six tracks and I'm not talking about latency .... And when I use my keyboard it purchases in the house, it does nothing.

I deprecated the. Plutt opt ​​for a card with less of but much more reliable.