M-Audio Delta 1010
M-Audio Delta 1010

Delta 1010, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio in the Delta series.

kevinkxproductions 10/09/2013

M-Audio Delta 1010 : kevinkxproductions's user review

« Negligible LATENCY, 24b 92k very good sound »

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Careful, you need an old PC because it works with a big PCI card, BUT you can easily find one in a garage sale... I found my Pentium 4, 4ghz for 20 euros 3 years ago, and I haven't had a problem to this day.
THE TRICK: Buy the Delta 1010 secondhand and you'll end up with a soundcard with multiple inputs and outputs and an awesome sound that is more than enough to produce an album (some pros have been surprised at the audio quality of my productions). You should obviously use quality cables and gear with it. It has ZERO LATENCY (5ms only, which is inaudible, so, to me, that's zero latency).
I have never used MIDI, I use it exclusively for audio and have never had a single issue. Very good reproduction. It's nearly perfect with vovox cables.


I have been able to record up to 90 minutes without a sweat, although it crashes with more than 24 tracks, due to the computer, not the soundcard.
HOWEVER, it has zero latency. I can insert effects in real time during mixdown and the soundcard doesn't even flinch.


Everything is very easy. I only work with windows XP pro.


You need a very low BUDGET to make yourself with a PC and a great card, which will allow you to invest your money on high-end gear. And this is an important point, because even if you get the latest computer and soundcard but you only use average gear, you'll end up with an average sound.
And don't forget the cables. When you have high-end gear, the difference is flagrant, be it with guitars, keyboards, speakers, AND mics (I read somewhere that you can't really tell the difference between a vovox and a normal cable with a mic, but I think that depends more on the mic).

Bottom line, it's like night and day with the vovox. Connect good gear to a cheap pc and this card and you'll get a fantastic sound. I have never had a single problem with latency mixing in real time with effects.