M-Audio Delta 1010
M-Audio Delta 1010

Delta 1010, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio in the Delta series.

Web-bros 09/19/2002

M-Audio Delta 1010 : Web-bros's user review


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It is the Premire audio cards allowing monitoring at zero latency VST! and Yadji over 3 years was!
We wanted to monitor our guitar effects VST .... it was time rel ... M-Audio did.
At the time there in silent PII 400, Abit card, SCSI IBM HDD U2W.
I use a direct box or a standard Mackie 16/04.


3 years, the drivers are still as good!
These maps support all OS, all platte platforms .... if a M-audio does not work on your machine, your machine has a pb, not the card.
No incompatibility with the same old AMD. Against the latency may vary depending on the motherboard chipset.
The control panel is simple, c is a mini mixing desk, nothing scary.
The manuals are available on the site in FR M-Audio France


The monitoring of drivers is an example followed by all other manufacturers!
We test these cards with Cubase VST 5.1, SX, Nuendo, Wavelab, and all products-Native Instuments and Propellerheads.
On a 2 Ghz PIV, we stayed 32 buffer is 0.5 ms latency at 48 kHz.
Our client could not believe the ears!


We use this card, since its release in France, there are almost 3 years!
This lead to the conclusion that this card is very good quality at the component level.
It was shot in studio, and works so far at least 4 h / day! Never one concern.
We had tried ISIS, Gadget Labs is full of .... more ....
The report price is very good quality, especially since the change of distribution!
I remake that choice of course!