M-Audio Delta 1010
M-Audio Delta 1010

Delta 1010, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio in the Delta series.

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AllCapone 05/01/2005

M-Audio Delta 1010 : AllCapone's user review


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No need to specify ...

High interest, the AD / DA converters of very good quality and sampling frequencies available (especially considering the release date!)

My config: P4 - 3.00 Ghz gen C
CM Asus P4P800 Dlx (Classique. ..)
2 GB DDR 3200 NN
DD 200 GB Seagate 7200 rpm / m

I use the Art Tube MP from home to catch his voice


No problem to install. However, think back to the latest drivers on the site of m-audio: the latest is the most stable ... Creamware would do well to take a leaf!

No inconsistency encountered except for GigaStudio (I must be round, which then can be Tascam questions ...), anyway, the last is not worth anything, so ...

Attention to the dashboard, a small adjustment period is required ... That said, it's a cinch once taken over the dock.

Manual clear and precise. Pdf on the site of m-audio, but more examples of configs have been beneficial to the grip.


Drivers ultra stable, no crash to mourn

Random updates, but the manufacturer following products: old update mid-2003, updated following the end of 2004 ...

I mainly use Nuendo, but the card is stable in cubase sx, wavelab, samplitude, SoundForge, and ableton ... Not tested other

Correct latency: 4 ms input and output without stalls, even with M5 ...

I tried four tracks simultaneously, with effects ... Result: Flawless'. I think the 8 tracks in sync are not a prolem bare.


1 year of use, and no problems.

The CAN / NA are excellent: a very light color in the lower midrange, and his present, a good dynamic and permanently rendered faithful, what more? A lament the lack of preamp input line but hey, that price is not better ...

A quality / price ratio with the fire of God to the flagship M-Audio ... One question: does it pourqoi digidesign not inspire for future cards?

I would do without hesitation choose ... Long live the material that is worth its price!