M-Audio Delta 44
M-Audio Delta 44

Delta 44, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio in the Delta series.

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benjikimix 08/24/2006

M-Audio Delta 44 : benjikimix's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I bought this card because it supports ASIO 2, Cubase, it has more inputs / outputs and has a low latency.
I use it in my home studio for making his voice / instrument or to dub a sound module or synth. I seldom lack of when recording.
My config: P4 3.2 GHZ, ASUS CM, 2GB DDR, 160GB of disk.
I use it with a lamp prampli ART for my condenser microphone with a PODxt, for which the record is as good with this card directly via USB.

It's generally a good map, efficient and simple. But it is not powerful trs trs. I arrive in 24bit/98kHz easily crack or 3 or 4 virtual instruments ...


Installation is very simple. Since I had a dj midi interface M-Audio drivers taient Submitted, so I did not need the CD. All software DTECT no problem associated with the ASIO driver the card is easy!
Up Submitted, I had no incompatibility with my software, and no conflict with other hardware lments.
It is a simple card set trs. All paramtres runic is a panel you can change the o to frquence chantillonage, the buffer size for latency, levels of input / output ... etc..
The manual is succinct and English trs. Any fawn, I do not need.


The drivers are stable. Although sometimes it crashes when I save the south, and it's ASIO does not work anymore (thundering). I then have to restarting the PC to the card with my rutiliser squenceur. The update, which are rare, do not really have this problem solution. But since now I work primarily with real instruments, I use less than the south, and it works like clockwork.
I use it with all my audio software (Cubase, Wavelab, ...).
I walk gnral 24bit, 44kHz, with 256 samples per sample, and the latency of 5ms is almost inaudible ...


I use this card for the past 4 years. This is convenient for connections to have an external box computer, MMME if once in the studio was not moving. It is well suited what I do, but I regret that she eats too much CPU. I have never had any other, so I can not compare. But if I had the choice again, I think I would look for a card with the same CHARACTERISTICS but more powerful.
However, it remains a good value qualitprix trs (~ 150)