M-Audio Delta 44
M-Audio Delta 44

Delta 44, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio in the Delta series.

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Lars Ouille 11/04/2004

M-Audio Delta 44 : Lars Ouille's user review


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I t attracted to 4 I / O in high-resolution external jack rack.
I wanted a card to record the output of a console so no need to micro pramplis or of low impdance. Dj Possdant a multimedia card, no need either to noon.
I also flash on the inputs symtriques. You may say, nothing is a given with me as I have 2.5m cable to connect the console but it happens from time to time to record our RPTES and the PC, it is derrire the studio door.


No problem if the installation is to place the external box. The connecting cable is too short (1m) and you can place it on the tower of the PC or on the floor. We all pert intrt a external enclosure.
The configuration is pretty and easy to use console. You still even a little to widen the head to set up the patch, especially when you are not familiaris with this kind of device. But once you master it, it's really powerful.
The manual did not really aid in this opration.


The drivers work impeccable and often updated.
I use this card with Sonar and Soundforge: it is very well recognized and becomes transparent to use.


I use this card for the past six years. In the era, it was worth 2500frs. It went downhill since. and I think for the same budget, I can have a more powerful card now, with e / e numriques, for example ...
Otherwise, the price o her side now, it is not hsiter pounce.