M-Audio Omni Studio
M-Audio Omni Studio

Omni Studio, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio.

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MGR/ex-machina 06/07/2004

M-Audio Omni Studio : MGR/ex-machina's user review

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Purchased at www.mtlc.net in 2003 for about $420.00. I would recommend purchasing from a larger retailer, personally, because MTLC does not stock much merchandise, and you have to wait for them to order it from the distributor before they ship.

This interface is flexible, reliable, and sounds terrific- everything I wanted in an interface. If you don't need 8 mic preamps, then this is the next best thing to a MOTU interface. It's got great routing options and is built very solidly. Installation was easy, and the manual is thorough.

Learning the ins and outs (pun intended) of this system will require concentration and a little reading. It's not as intuitive as I would have hoped, but I would rather have control options galore than utter simplicity. Other than getting to know the unit, I have absolutely no complaints. I've used it for a year now with guitars, mic, and line inputs, with no problems.

Built like a tank. A very small tank. With mic inputs. And, it's not camoflauged like a tank.

It would be nice if they would space the knobs farther apart, to make folks with big fingers able to easily adjust them. That's probaby my biggest complaint, actually.

Overall quality of construction is outstanding.

I would recommend this unit to anyone just getting into computer recording, and even pros. A friend bought a cheaper unit right after I got this one, and he's had nothing but problems with his. Spend the extra money, bypass the whole USB issue, and go for this one. The fact that it uses the Delta 44/66 series cards inside your computer to interface with makes USB problems someone else's problems.

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