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Peavey user reviews

  • Peavey MS 412 Slant

    Peavey MS 412 Slant - "Amazingly well built cab for an amazingly low price."


    Peavey has always had a reputation for building gear that could practically withstand an atomic bomb blast. The first offered opinion of Peavey by most experienced users is "It's built like a tank!". The 300-watt, 412MS Mono-Stereo guitar cabinet …

  • Peavey PV 215

    Peavey PV 215 - "Pair of them"


    The Peavey PV215 is a heavy duty PA Speaker that is un-powered. The peak power in it is 1,400 watts and the frequency range is 40Hz to 21kHz. It is a slimmer but taller PA speaker that stands about 50” tall. It is very well built and it is a great ba…

  • Peavey 6505+ Head

    Peavey 6505+ Head - "21 Years in production and still melting faces"


    Peavey has been producing quality, American Made music equipment at an honest price point for 47 years. All except for a select few products are still manufactured in Meridian, Mississippi under the ultimate oversight of Hartley Peavey, who founded P…

  • Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

    Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR - tonmazz's review


    The EVH Wolfgang Special is one awesome instrument! Basswood body, Maple top, neck and fingerboard, stainless steel frets, trem with Dtuna. Comes loaded with EVH humbuckers. Many colors and paints to choose from including the stealth which is so co…

  • Peavey Ultra Plus Head

    Peavey Ultra Plus Head - "Bang for Buck Tube Champion!"


    Here's an all tube 120watt 6L6 head. It has a half power switch which will knock it down to 60 watts (awesome feature). It has 3 channels: clean, crunch, and Ultra. The eq is active which is a stark contrast to the typical passive eq I am used to on …

  • Peavey Pro 12M Passive

    Peavey Pro 12M Passive - "sounds good"


    You will get a great sound when using the Peavey Pro 12M Passive Monitor, it is also very easy to take around with you because it has a built on handle on the side of it so if you are using it for gigging then you will be right at home with it. It do…

  • Peavey KB/A 60

    Peavey KB/A 60 - "Very clean sound"


    Refer to manufacturer's specifications. Nonetheless, here are the dimensions and weight (as they are not in the manual) : Width = 51 cm Height = 51 cm Depth = 30 cm Weight = 22 kg UTILIZATION Simple to use : only amplification, nothing more,…

  • Peavey PV 1500

    Peavey PV 1500 - "Its a monster"


    The PV 1500 is dual channel power amp that is old. I remember using this back in like 2003. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still sold in some stores though. It worked like a charm and did exactly what it was needed to do. Everything about this uni…

  • Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

    Peavey ValveKing 100 Head - "Perfect for classic rock all the way up to metal"


    My very first tube amp and a great one to start with. 100 watts, all tube. 4x6L6 power tubes, 2 channels, hi and low gain inputs, and texture control knob on the back. Basic controls, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, Presence, a boost switch for the…

  • Peavey 6505+ Head

    Peavey 6505+ Head - "Modern metal dream amp!!"


    120 watt 2 channel all tube head. 4x 6L6 power tubes, 6x 12ax7 preamp tubes. Designed by Peavey in the late 80s early 90s, Peavey went to Eddie Van Halen to have him endorse the amp. EVH had it named the 5150 and a new amp was born. 15-ish year l…