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Peavey user reviews

  • Peavey Ultra 112 Combo

    Peavey Ultra 112 Combo - nickname009's review


    All tube 60 watts. 3 channels, clean, crunch and ultra. 12ax7s and 6L6s. Seperate clean EQs, shared crunch/ultra EQs. Open back. Good construction. Supposedly the basis and/or foundation that started the legendary peavey triple XXX and other…

  • Peavey Bandit 112 (Scorpion Speaker)

    Peavey Bandit 112 (Scorpion Speaker) - "A very good amp for beginners"


    Amplification technology (tube, solid state, ...)? Solid-state amp. Output power? 80 watts What connections does it have? It's been 14 years since I had it, so I don't remember any more. What controls, effects, etc. does it provide? 2 channe…

  • Peavey KB300

    Peavey KB300 - "Best bang for your buck"


    3 channels, 15 inches...It's originally a keyboard amp, I think! UTILIZATION I have used it a lot for vocals during rehearsals...Then vocals and bass, it's awesome for bass (15"). And currently I use it mostly for guitar with a Boss disto ds1 pedal…

  • Peavey TNT 150

    Peavey TNT 150 - "Solid Bass amp, and a workhorse of a Sub"


    This is a Transistor based amp. The only connections are 1/4 ts cables. This beast pumps out 150 watts at 4 ohms. The settings features are where this girl really shines. You get many different options when it comes to EQ. First off, you have tw…

  • Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR

    Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special TR - "Top Jimmy."


    The Peavey Wolfgang Special was a slightly lower priced version of the top of the line archtop Wolfgang Standard. It was still made in the USA and offered the same core shape and tones, but it didn't have the arched maple cap, and certain parts were …

  • Peavey Studio Pro 112 (Transtube)

    Peavey Studio Pro 112 (Transtube) - "Cool jamming amp."


    The Peavey Transtube Studio Pro amplifier is a great 40 watt 1x12 combo that has evolved over the years from being one of the older Peavey offerings in the seventies, to one of the more renowned solid state combos made. This particular model was buil…

  • Peavey Zodiac BXP

    Peavey Zodiac BXP - "Simple, affordable, different."


    Made in Korea 34" scale with 21 frets Bolt on maple neck with 8" Radius maple fingerboard Solid alder body with sculpted front and back contours Articulating bridge with machined steel saddles 1-1/2" nut width All chrome-plated hardware 3-laye…

  • Peavey Classic 30 [2005-2012]

    Peavey Classic 30 [2005-2012] - "One of the best deals in tube amps"


    30 watts (RMS) into 16 or 8 ohms Four EL84s and three 12AX7s 12" Blue Marvel speaker 2-channel preamp Pre- and post-gain controls on lead channel Normal volume control on clean channel 3-band passive EQ (bass, middle…

  • Peavey Millennium 5 AC

    Peavey Millennium 5 AC - "Fantastic bass for the price."


    - 34" scale - 15" fretboard radius - Hard rock maple neck with rosewood fretboard - Composite Nut - 2 way fully adjustable torsion rod - 5-string bass - String through body or top load feature - 19:1 ratio tuning machines - Two straight singl…

  • Peavey Predator Plus (Old)

    Peavey Predator Plus (Old) - "Good deal for an inexpensive guitar."


    - 25.5" scale - Sealed diecast tuners, 15-1 gear ratio - Master volume, 2 tone controls, 5 way pickup selector switch - 1 Peavey humbucker, 1 Peavey singlecoils - Three-way switching selector - Solid Basswood Body - Maple neck with Rosewood fre…