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Peavey user reviews

  • Peavey Bandit 112

    Peavey Bandit 112 - "Great jamming amp"


    The Peavey Bandit 112 is the flagship combo in the company's venerable line of transtube amplifiers. It's been in production for decades and has survived the changing times regardless of the era. This newest version is an 80 watt 1x12 combo with two …

  • Peavey PV 1500

    Peavey PV 1500 - "great amp"


    Peavey makes some good amps, and the Peavey PV 1500 is no exception. Also, there is no question that this is a clean sounding and powerful unit. The problem is the cooling system. It may keep the amp cool, but it is a 2 speed system, and it is very n…

  • Peavey Ultra Plus Head

    Peavey Ultra Plus Head - "Great sleeper amp"


    The Peavey Ultra Plus is a 120 watt, 3 channel all tube amp head. Channels 2 and 3 have shared eq. It has foot-switchable on board reverb and an effects loop. There are high and low inputs. It has a 'resonance' switch on the back. You can switch b…

  • Peavey KB300

    Peavey KB300 - Taigong's review


    Solid-state amp 3 inputs: 1 XLR / 2 jack Settings: 3-band equalizer / reverb / gain 15" speaker + Tweeter UTILIZATION Easy and intuitive. The gain knobs are rather sensitive and you can go from not hearing anything to an explosion of sound. …

  • Peavey 24FX

    Peavey 24FX - "great for computer music"


    This mixer is overall great, I have seen it and been able to interact with it in several home based studio’s. So I decided to give it a try myself. It's so easy to use and is a joy to work with! The effects are brilliant and making your own is easy…

  • Peavey IPR 1600

    Peavey IPR 1600 - "great for djing"


    I Received my Peavey IPR 1600 a few months ago, I already have owned a Peavey PV 1500, which I use for mobile DJ at wedding receptions, hooked up to a pair of Peavey SP2s, I did a/b test on some music comparing amps, and the new IPR 1600 compared w…

  • Peavey PR 12

    Peavey PR 12 - moosers's review


    The Peavey PR12 Passive's are a set of personal address (PA) speakers for your live show set up. A club/bar that I recently played at had a pair of these to use for bands. These are 12" speakers and feature a 2 way system that will require external…

  • Peavey 6505 412 Slant

    Peavey 6505 412 Slant - "Not a great cab"


    The Peavey 6505 cabinet was designed as a cabinet to match the famed 6505 and 6505+ amplifiers in Peavey's line. It's a fairly standard 4x12 that is supposed to be optimally designed for the amps for which it shares its name. However, I'm not sure if…

  • Peavey 115DL

    Peavey 115DL - moosers's review


    The Peavey 115DL's are a set of speakers for a personal address (PA) system. These are no longer being made but can be found out there every now and again. The bands that I'm playing with recently starting renting a new practice space and these are…

  • Peavey TKO 75

    Peavey TKO 75 - moosers's review


    The Peavey TKO 75 is a bass guitar and keyboard amplifier. Although I’ve used it for bass a little bit, recently I’ve actually been using it for guitar. There is one of these amps in the practice space that my band plays in, and it’s easier for me …