Blackstar Amplification FS:10

FS:10, Pedal/Controller from Blackstar Amplification in the ID:Series series.

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macaius 03/07/2020

Blackstar Amplification FS:10 : macaius's user review

« A nice footswitch for your Blackstar TVP amp »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
I bought this footswitch a few days ago in the search of completing the useful palette of editable presets. It is sturdy and well-built, with a central little screen to see what preset number you're using.
The controller comes within a box with a TRS cable to connect via the footswitch in the back panel of the amp and an user manual. By the way it is compatible with the TVP series, as far as I know, in my case is a TVP 260. It's use is very straighforward and with a few steps you can use 3 modes, every one to navigate over the presets in different ways. One of it's modes allows you to activate/desactivate the FX per patch.
There's no much more to cover on this thing, buttons are solid. No need of external power, it's powered by the TRS cable to amp.
If you have a TVP and you're thinking about getting this footswitch my advice is go for it, since the FS allows you to access to the 13-128 patches that you can tweak to your fave flavors and store.
PROS: Solid, well-built, Sturdy, good button response. cool upgrade to the amp
CONS: Display is basic with just numbers, would been cool to add letters to the display so you could name and see what patch name you're using.