ENGL Z-10 Footswitch
ENGL Z-10 Footswitch

Z-10 Footswitch, Pedal/Controller from ENGL in the Z series.

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LordRiffenstein 03/31/2011

ENGL Z-10 Footswitch : LordRiffenstein's user review

« Rock solid switcher for Savage120 »

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When I bought my Savage120 years ago, I also got the Z10 to switch the channels of the am. You can also buy a midi-unit for this amp but the Z10 was the right choice for me at the time. I used it for about 8-9 years with the Savage 120 and later with a Savage Special Edition. It always performed flawlessly, even after somebody dumped his beer all over it.

The pedal allows you to switch the 4 channels of the amps and has 2 additional buttons to control one of the many options on these heads. The 2 buttons to the right have a hole covered with plastic above them that contains a series of dip-switches. With these you can select which of the extra options you want to control and you can actually combine some of them. This is a VERY useful feature. If I remember correctly, I used one of them to activate the 2nd master volume and the other one to control the rough/smooth switch on ch3-4 in combination with the 2 presence controls.

The Z-10 is build like a brick, mine saw a lot of gigs and even more after I sold it with the Savage120 and I never had an issue. The cable that came with it developed an issue after many years so I replaced it but as it's a standard cable you can get at a good computer hardware store. The only niggle I would have about it are the little plastic covers that protect the dipswitches. They aren’t easy removable and the 1st time I did that, I scratch my brand-spanking new pedal. Maybe Engl has changed this over the years because that was annoying.

Unless you want to go the midi-route, the Z10 is the ONLY way to control the Savage 120/SE!