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[NAMM] Radial JX62 guitar switcher

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Radial Engineering JX62
News Radial Engineering JX62

Pedal/Controller from Radial Engineering

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Radial Engineering has just announced the six input guitar switcher Radial JX62.

The made-in-Canada Radial JX62 is made from 14 gauge steel with a baked enamel finish and has six guitar input channels that can be used simultaneously.

Each of the six channels is outfitted with a ¼" input and a thru connection to feed its own amp or dedicated DI box. A simple ON switch activates the channel and a recessed “set & forget” TRIM control enables the guitar tech to set all the levels uniformly. The trim control on inputs 1 & 2 plays double-duty whereby it can be turned into a DRAG control to adjust the load when connected to a magnetic pickup.

Channels 5 & 6 are further equipped with a built-in Radial direct box that can be used for acoustic guitar, electric bass, etc. This signal may be routed to the direct out, the main AB bus output or both. The direct box output is transformer isolated and equipped with a polarity reverse to help reduce feedback on stage. A PFL (pre-fade listen) switch on each channel routes the signal to a headphone amp and tuner output for better control.

The JX62 rear panel is fully loaded with stacked in/thru connectors on all input channels plus balanced XLR outs on channels 5 & 6. An effects loop with separate send and receive jacks enable the tech to insert a pedalboard in between the input channels and the two guitar amp outputs. Two ¼" outputs are used to feed two amplifiers along with separate XLR outputs to feed the PA system for acoustic instruments. A simple AB select switch on the front panel is used to select the active amp, while two ON switches let you override the AB function so that both outputs are always on. Each guitar amp output is transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops and features a 180° polarity reverse to ensure the two amps play in phase.

The JX62 will be available in Spring 2014 with an estimated retail price of $1,000 USD.

For more info visit www.radialeng.com.

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