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Antares Systems Auto-Tune EFX

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Antares Audio Technology Auto-Tune EFX
News Antares Audio Technology Auto-Tune EFX

Antares Audio Technologies and Guitar Center have announced the availability of Auto-Tune EFX. Developed through a partnership between the two companies.

Auto-Tune EFX is a tool for real-time pitch correction and for creating the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect (i.e., the T-Pain/ Cher-style effect). Through the end of 2008, Auto-Tune EFX is available exclusively at Guitar Center stores and online at [url]https://www.guitarcenter.com/
Additionally, for a limited time, all boxed copies of Auto-Tune EFX include a free iLok USB Smart Key (a $39.00 value).

Powered by the same Evo™ Voice Processing Technology as Antares’ Auto-Tune Evo, Auto-Tune EFX makes Antares-pitch processing accessible to anyone engaged in computer-based audio recording.

Designed to make almost everything automatic, Auto-Tune EFX provides two different flavors of the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect, as well as real-time pitch correction. A user needs only select their desired effect type, set the key and scale of their track, and Auto-Tune EFX does the rest. For songs with complex chord progressions or modulations, one can optionally set up custom scales or use their host’s automation facility to allow the processing of virtually any vocal line.

Pitch Correction
Like Auto-Tune Evo, Auto-Tune EFX pitch correction works by continuously tracking the pitch of a vocal and comparing it to the notes in a (user-customizable) scale. The scale note closest to the input pitch is identified as the target note. If the vocal’s pitch exactly matches the target note, no correction is applied. If the vocal’s pitch varies from the target note, either sharp or flat, the output pitch is smoothly corrected to the target note

Auto-Tune Vocal Effect
Made wildly popular by T-Pain, Cher, and many other artists in virtually every genre of popular music, the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect is what is technically known as “pitch quantization.” Instead of allowing all of the small variations in pitch and the gradual transitions between notes that are a normal part of singing, the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect limits each note to an exact pitch, stripping out any variation, as well as forcing instantaneous transitions between notes.

Auto-Tune EFX is available now for RTAS (Mac OS X and PC), VST (Mac OS X and PC) and Audio Units (Mac OS X) at a U.S. MSRP of $129.00. All Macintosh versions are universal binaries.

More Auto-Tune EFX information is available at the Antares website.

For more information, visit their web site at www.antarestech.com.
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