Celemony Melodyne Editor
Celemony Melodyne Editor

Melodyne Editor, Pitch Shifter / Time Stretcher from Celemony in the Melodyne series.

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Le Joss 11/16/2012

Celemony Melodyne Editor : Le Joss's user review

«  upgrade from Melodyne Uno »

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Easy installation and validation with "my Celemony" blah, when I had finished I thought it was not so difficult.
The manual is in French, although it requires a clear effort to master the software.


PC Win 7 64-bit, XP also works as plugin for Samplitude ProX.
Nickel works, no bug for what I did, I probably left a lot to learn.


I started with Melodyne Uno for 4 years, with more limited functions.
This is a unique software, comprehensive as it can now analyze the agreements, I love the voice correction with moderate rates that are simply sounds better without anyone to take the lead. I also like to save it as a midi file for replay with a virtual instrument or remove the partition (I'm bad notation). In addition Melodyne offers the key of the song instead of me planting. I did not like the sequence of two upgrades pay, but hey, it was worth it and I would.
Especially given what I have to discover ... with a little more time.