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LePou Plugins LeGion [FREEWARE]
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Docteur Matières Alvines Liquides Docteur Matières Alvines Liquides

«  A killing »

Publié le 04/21/12 à 11:26
Very easy. We copy the dll in the plugins folder of its sequencer and rolls ...




I use this plug-in for perhaps two years and I reckon it's really a killer. I have tried just about everything in modeling software:
Revalver (I, II, III), Amplitube (Metal and III), Kuassa Creme, Lepou (all), Onquel (X30 and X50). Well I will not list them all. This one, I keep it.

Today, we come to a pretty incredible quality simulator that can succeed in producing quality sound at least semi-professional. Legion is one of the best simulators (free and paid) if one is interested in the Metal. If the rest of the string (guitar, sound card and ID, and the other plugs used) can be obtained after a rather huge. I use the same time the simulation Tube Screamer Onqel from home and the couple is pretty convincing.

How to describe the sound? It has perfect sound for all that is Black Metal, Death or Thrash. The sound is quite broad and balanced and settings (treble, mid, bass, presence and contour) can sculpt sounds radically different. Must still pay attention to the management of the gain and treble. It can become quite unpleasant. Following the procedure, we have a fatter sound for rhythm or for extended solos. This is a rather dry and modern.

I made the comparison in Powerball BSS direct box and then impulse Mesa Redwire under Reaper Legion against the same impulses. Bah, I'm ashamed to say it but the Powerball (without TS before) sounds a bit muddy face even with the presence Legion thrust. The Legion sounds more present, more defined, more tight (though the Powerball is quite famous in this area).

I even talking about the ease of use ... Laying out at home one can at 3am without disturbing anyone, change it later each parameter which is not possible with a traditional amp even with a 5-watt lamps.

To conclude, I would say for someone who has access to a professional studio with converters, preamps, amplifiers and microphones and the sound engineer who will go well with an optimal Legion but at what cost? I want to argue but I think that blind test, many people who swear by the all-lamps would be surprised.
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