iZotope Trash
iZotope Trash

Trash, Software Amp Simulator from iZotope.

comseul 09/05/2003

iZotope Trash : comseul's user review


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No problem with installation. I use it in Sonar 2.x DX.
Doc at Izotope tlchargment cot provides plug-in tutorial / preset for each instrument that can be related to Trash: guitar, bass, drum and keyboard.

As stated in the notice Previous, these manuals are didactics trs trs quickly and we understand the operation


Compared to the opinion that I share prcedent compltement I should add that trash is more than a amp simulator. For my part I'm really not a fan of modlisation and type product even if Amplitube simulations suggested that sound good but I find always the same whatever the rglage utiliss. Basically we have a few types and difficult to work on them.
Trash is just the opposite, it is a tool to tamper with the sound and the possibilities are standard.
Effect on the level of dynamic processors (compreseur, gate, ...), a pre filter, the distos, a post filter, an amp simulator and a section of time limit.
The modlisation amp is therefore a part of trash.
Thus it can be used for other instruments like the bass but also the drum or keyboard.
Just Tlcharger the demo and preset supplmentaires to realize standards possibility to the tool.
One last point, the possibilities in clean (no distortion) are also trs INTERESTED.

At it' irrprochable quality at all effects. Particularly at modlisations are trs Varis, the filters are trs pousss sections while remaining very easy to ACCS.

Cot CPU, I have an Athlon 1.8 Ghz consumes a plugin (without optimization) 20% of the CPU and each plugin supplmentaire consumes roughly 10% more. Config is a good ncessaire.


Izotope dvelopp REALLY have a good product trs this is in his, and hergonomie possbilits.
Considering the price, is trying to adopt.