Overloud TH1
Overloud TH1

TH1, Software Amp Simulator from Overloud in the TH series.

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mdupere 12/24/2008

Overloud TH1 : mdupere's user review


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No installation problems, an iLok is required, however, but it's so easy when, like me, your DAW does not use Internet connection. Everything works nickel then, I use it in stand alone and with cubase 4.5.2.


Used with an intel quad9550 Windows XP, 4 gig ram, Fireface 400 audio interface. Everything is very stable, I plug in my guitar, musicman petrucci, directly into the instrument input of the Fireface 400. With the minimum buffersize, I get a latency of 2ms without cracking.


I use this gem since its release in November. I do not understand that there is no other opinion on the plug is by far the best simuateur amp on the market right now and believe me, I tried them all. I play the guitar for 20 years, I had every amp imaginable, all the effects pedals. Since the pod, I tested all its competitors, AmpliTube, guitar rig, waves gtr, vox ToneLab. I never had as much fun to play on a sim. amp. The illusion is complete, you'd play on a real tube amp. Hi-gain models are particularly successful. It sounds immediately, no need to catch 10 of layering to get the big sound. The effects are excellent, especially the reverb. The possibilities are limitless and I no longer use this app to record my guitar, I sold all my amps and pedals .. ALL! The demo is available on the site, it's worth a try. Meileur the investment I made for my equipment, I would never again buy anything for the guitar, this is a good product poit.