Overloud TH2
Overloud TH2

TH2, Software Amp Simulator from Overloud in the TH series.

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beo.morphos 01/11/2013

Overloud TH2 : beo.morphos's user review

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Everything is easy to install. No problems.


Core i5 2500K, 8GB, 128GB SSD, 2TB HDD
Windows 7 x64
Studio One 2 Pro
USB 2.0 Audio Interface Focusrite 2i2 Scalett

TH2 goes almost unnoticed in the performance of the PC trouble sandstone high track counts.


I Metal exclusively.

It's simple, I've tried everything! Not passing Guitar RIG, AmpliTube, Revalver MKIII, all plugins Freeware possible and imaginable (louse, TSE ...), all pulses (lice, Kefir, and Recabinet company).

I stopped on TH2 surpasses everything beautiful world!

A warm, natural harmonics reaction, a reaction that resembles what an amp!

I took the lead with all the plugins mentioned above to make EQ for hours ringing. With TH2 I just put a high cut and low cut basta!