Overloud TH2
Overloud TH2

TH2, Software Amp Simulator from Overloud in the TH series.

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planetslide 08/27/2011

Overloud TH2 : planetslide's user review

«  The best amp simulation »

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Quick and stable. Intuitive configuration, no known incompatibilities. The manual?


Ordi Vista64 Core2 Quad 4 GB RAM
TH2 trs is not resource-intensive computing, which is nice trs. It does not crash on my machine.

Its sound quality is good trs, even if competitors are not far away (Guitar Rig for clean sounds, Revalver, etc.). And that a final mix is ​​no longer too much diffrence .


I use it for a few months after having a good time feat TH1 (TH1 appeared to me much before I used Amplitube suprieur).

TH2 TH1 is better than lgrement at The definition and provides more opportunities for amps and rglages. Aesthetics, he is a little more fun.

I know it's the best amp emulator, the most raliste, particularly in terms of "feeling" when playing the guitar. It is almost like playing on an amp rel, and rev it enjoyable. Prvoir be a good sound card for rduire latency.

Personally, I use it mostly for vintage sounds / grain crunch DIFFERENT than my amp. Indeed, the large distortion of TH2 is still far from the true quality of my ENGL Fireball lights, like delay / chorus / phaser / etc. sound a bit "plastoc" ct what my fate GFORCE. Fortunately, because this is not the same budget!

But, again, in a (good) mix, I think there are ways to bluff everyone with TH2 in believing that the real stuff is used t. 'll Cost the DMOS on the official website is awesome!

In short, a super soft to play and his models home for really cheap compared its services.