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  • A free channel strip for Reaktor

    A free channel strip for Reaktor

    10/07/13 in WSProAudio Channel Strip E81

    WNP Sounds offers Reaktor users the Channel Strip E81, a free add-on for the Native Instruments virtual modular synth.

  • Friday's Freeware: Stressor
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    Friday's Freeware: Stressor

    08/09/13 in Cocell Productions Stressor

    New Cocell Productions Stressor compressor VST and AU plug-in won't stress you out this weekend...

  • SaturaComp for Reaktor free in August

    SaturaComp for Reaktor free in August

    08/06/13 in WSProAudio Saturacomp

    SaturaComp, the new compressor add-on for Reaktor 5 designed by canadian WNP Sounds, is available for free this month.

  • Variety of Sound ThrillseekerVBL is out

    Variety of Sound ThrillseekerVBL is out

    07/03/13 in Variety Of Sound ThrillseekerVBL

    Variety of Sound has released its ThrillseekerVBL free VST plug-in for Windows x32.

  • Friday's Freeware: Effects for Everybody
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    Friday's Freeware: Effects for Everybody

    06/14/13 in Sonic Emblem Sonic BND

    The freewares of the week come from Sonic Emblem, an online mixing and mastering service that also develops plug-ins.

  • Freeware Week: Lisp

    Freeware Week: Lisp

    05/08/13 in Sleepy Time DSP Lisp

    The freeware of the day is Sleepy Time DSP's first plugin and is dedicated to de-essing.

  • Xfer Records OTT

    Xfer Records OTT

    09/11/12 in Xfer Records OTT

    Xfer Records has released OTT, a multiband compressor for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and Audio Units plug-in formats.

  • Distorque Vitamin C

    Distorque Vitamin C

    08/24/12 in Distorque Vitamin C

    Distorque has released Vitamin C, a free emulation of an Orange Squeezer guitar compressor.

  • discoDSP NightShine

    discoDSP NightShine

    07/19/12 in DiscoDSP NightShine

    discoDSP is celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary by releasing the previously discontinued NightShine compressor for Windows VST.

  • vladg/sound Limiter No6

    vladg/sound Limiter No6

    06/26/12 in vladg/sound Limiter No6

    vladg/sound has released Limiter No6, a freeware modular limiter suited for mastering purposes.