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Thread Reverb from Katy Perry - Roar?

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1 Reverb from Katy Perry - Roar?
I love what seems like a very wet reverb plugin on all the "Hey"s in Roar (i.e. at 59 seconds in this video)

Can any of you distinguish waht type of reverb this is? Obviously the exact plugin would be tremendous but these days that would be practically impossible to do :lol:
Possibly spring verb w/ multiple vocal tracks. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a blend of different reverbs along with heavily reverbed delays. Either way, it's certainly extremely wet
Quite difficult to pinpoint exactly what kind of reverb they use, whether its spring or possibly a plate verb.

These days, reverb plug-ins in general have dramatically improved. Sorry I can't help with what kind of reverb she uses, but I can say that Softube's TSAR-1 has offered me more than enough flexibility and parameters to get the verb sound that I'm after