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Thread Cubase SX3 or Sonar 6?

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1 Cubase SX3 or Sonar 6?
I have had Sonar 2.2 for a while now, but don't know it really well.I want to finally get serious about recording a CD and have the option of upgrading to ver 6 for not a whole lot of money.I can also get Cubase SX 3 with a bunch of training DVDs also pretty cheap.My control surface will be a Tascam UA 428 and I'll be using Reason 3 , EZ Drummer and Stylus.I'm only going to do music and no surround sound.Lot's of keyboard MIDI (I'll need to quantize everything I play on keys)and some audio(Bass Vocals Guitar...)
Since I'm pretty much at the beginning of Sonar still,What would be the better way to go.Get the newer version of Sonar but not have all the tutorial DVDs or go with Cubase SX 3 and get the benefit of 3 tutorial DVDs.
I have used Sonar, Cakewalk, Protools and several other sequencers. There in no better sequencer than Cubase SX if you need to have the Audio/Midi flexibility. The way it works with RMX and any other Virtual synth is truly top notch. I wish you luck.
I've got SONAR 7 right now on free trial and it's kind of easy to understand but gets annoying sometimes.

I don't know about cubase really but from what i've heard from people and seen is that it is very popular and very good.
However, i would stick with SONAR if i were u seeing as yuo are already used to it and kinda know about it.

There are also videos about SONAR 6b on youtube from the actual company cakewalk itself which are helpful. So, go with what you think is best for you.

Hope this helps,