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Thread Which software is best for a rocker?

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1 Which software is best for a rocker?

Total newbie here. I just picked up a MIDI keyboard and audio interface in hopes of having my own little home studio.

Anyway, I play guitar and want to know what the best software for making rock/metal kinda stuff is? When I bought the hardware, the guy in the store was using Reason 3.0, but that looks like it might be a little too dance oriented... or maybe not? He wasnt able to get the guitar input working (anyone in here know how to record guitar through the audio interface inputs with reason?), and even he said it was more dance oriented.

What about the others? Basically I want my computer to be the band, while I jam away...

Is this forum dead?
Are you PC or Mac?

http://www.tweakheadz.com/Mac_vs_Pc_DAWS.htm < mid way through that article it describes different software interactions for Mac vs PC
that might help

for a rocker, i'd reccomend something audio based, not MIDI. Cubase is heavily based in the real audio world. Garageband can go both ways fairly well. Logic is a midway point. Reason is totally MIDI, and not really what you want.

I have an article somewhere on which is prefered, i'll get back to you

good luck
Yeah I noticed that Reason is pretty much midi based. If there was something that combined both worlds it would be the best.

Thanks for digging up that article. I look forward to reading it.

And I'm on a PC.
found it. its in Future Music mag. a very helpful source

now that i looked it over, for your situation, i think i would competely reccomend Ableton Live 5
they quote it as "straddling the line between instant gratification and professional performance, live 5 fuses the intuitive real-time looping features of Acid and GarageBand wit the flex and depth of pro sequuencers like Cubase and Logic."

They compared it with Apple Logic Pro, which i would say is a large compliment for Live 5.

Live runs around $500, and the article highly reccomends it for your uses.

goodluck with that
Thanks... hope they have a demo version or something so I can try it out first!
yeah they do
Right on... this weekend I'll give it a rip.

By the way, have you ever used CUBASE?
yeah, Cubase LE, but it bombed out on my Mac. The auido will not work. I liked its layout though. Its very audio based, and it has a sharp learning curve