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Thread problems with AA 2.0, Reason and Lexicon Omega

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1 problems with AA 2.0, Reason and Lexicon Omega
Hi All.

I have a home studio in which I am using Adobe Audition 2.0 for recording. I use Reason 3.0 for keys and drums and AA for the guitars and other acoustic instruments as well as vocals. I also use a Lexicon Omega USB interface.

I can get audio into Adobe fine. Playback works as well. However, when I attempt to use Reason with Adobe(in Rewire slave mode), the transport locks up on Adobe and when I press play, nothing happens. I can no longer record either. When I start up Reason without the Rewire link to Adobe, it says something to the effect of "The audio device used in the previous session is no longer available....."

I've tried the bundled Cubase LE software(it came with my Omega) and everything works fine. But I would rather use Adobe to record as I am more fluent in its operation. Plus it appears to be much more flexible than Cubase LE.

I have the Omega selected as input/output for Adobe and for output on Reason under audio preferences.

My system specs:

AMD 64 3400
160GB HD

Can someone help me?

billy nilly