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Thread Cubase SX + Reason 3.0 - digital distortion nightmare

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1 Cubase SX + Reason 3.0 - digital distortion nightmare

I've got cubase sx 3 and reason 3, and I'm trying use cubase to run reason via rewire - all seems fine, except for long held notes, which distort horribly after the first loop.

Drum loops and percussive stuff is fine.

My soundcard configuration seems to be ok, and I can sequence long notes using the reason sequencer with no problems, but using cubase, any notes lasting longer than about a bar fall over completely (it sounds like antialiasing on a larger scale).


edit - I have a SB Live series soundcard - maybe not up to the job...?
Ok, seem to have fixed it, sort of - I had 'midi' and 'play' both active in the 'focus' section of the reason sequencer - I switched 'play' off and it seems to be ok - what's all that about?

And is there any way to totally disable the reason sequencer so there's no conflicts?