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Thread m-audio fast track with garage band

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1 m-audio fast track with garage band
I can't get my GT55 mic to work with Garage Band via the M-Audio Fast Track. I'm running Mac OS 10.3.8. When I open preferences and click on audio, I can't get any level from the mic. I've tried everything i can think of except testing the brand new mic cable I just bought. :( Help!!
Ok, here's the thing... your GT55 is a condenser mic and as such, it requires phantom power to operate. The Fasttrack is a usb audio interface that accepts dynamic mics (shure sm57, sm58); dynamics don't need phantom power.

As such, you need a mic preamp with phantom power. Presonus and ART make a good, affordable preamps (there are myriads of mic pre's out there). I use the ART TubeMP V3 with my MXL V63M so I can get that tube sound.

Search the net for mic pre's with phantom power, and when you decide to get one, bring along your mic so you can audition the preamp.

Hope this helps!
Awesome. I had a feeling it was something like that. If I go with a non-tube pre-amp, wil I be nullifying the warmth of the GT?
Not necessarily. A lot of people pair tube mics with solid state mic preamps. But your GT 55 is a large diaphragm FET mic. That's Field Effect Transistor so it's really solid state as far as that model of Groove Tubes goes. If you go to www.harmony-central.com, you will find some favorable reviews of that mic.

As for preamps, I'm not particular to any product so long as its affordable and it sounds good. A good place to start would be those cheap and cheerful Behringer mixers with XLR inputs and phantom power (the Eurorack UB802 lists for $49 in Musicians Friend). Next would be the tube mic pre's from ART and Presonus ($99). Then you have the FMR Audio RNP8380 at $399. And finally you got those boutique amps like Grace Audio Design (I won't even bother you with their prices :shock: ).

As always, let your ears first, next your wallet be your guide.