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Thread Reason 2.5 Recording problem; Help!

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1 Reason 2.5 Recording problem; Help!
Hello, I have Reason 2.5 and I can't seem to record anything. I have read the pdf's. I have been trying to record sequences with my Roland Mc-505. Not inputing patches from it, just controlling various settings on the synths' in Reason, and using the keyboard to play live. Not only can I not record with that, but no recording features at all function. Please help.

Roland MC 505
AMD Athlon 64
Soundblaster Audigy 2
etc etc....

------Lay-Dee Bass
How are you selecting the track to record? There is a midi icon to select which sequencer track the midi goes to. Click in the far left side of the track name. If you are using the Hardware interface your synth will control Reason synths but wont record.

Also in preferences midi you need to select which midi channel Reason uses. (default is 1)
So pretty much any Reason synth that is controled by hardware cant be recorded?
No thats not what I meant. Any synth connected to the Hardware Interface won't be recorded.

[color=red] Only the synth with the MIDI ICON next to the track name will be recorded.[/color]
Oh and one other thing. If you load in a published song .RPS you cannot record. Only non published songs .RNS can be recorded and saved.
Well, it must have been my previous hardware synth that was the probem. I just got a Roland JP-8000 and I can record notes and such from it.

With the new synth comes the new problem. It is sending a constant signal to my computer, and it wont allow me to bind and functions to any knobs or whatnot. It connects via usb-midi (turtle beach usb midi 1x1). For some reason I can't get it to stop sending this signal to my computer. Any ideas? Also, what is a good software sequencer for recording from my hardware synth?
thanks for all ur help btw. :)
Turn on/off the data filters on the JP8000. This should thin out the data sent over midi.

Sorry I don't have one so I can't tell you how to do it.
Thanks Again!