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Software Sequencers user reviews

  • Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MKI

    Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MKI - "Portable and Reliable"


    The Native Instruments Maschine Mikro 2 is a complete system that comes with 6 GB of samples. It is very affordable and can be a great addition to your studio setup. The Maschine Mikro 2 is built well, I don’t see this unit having any issues with so…

  • Acoustica Mixcraft 6

    Acoustica Mixcraft 6 - "had some issues with plug ins"


    Acoustica Mixcraft 6 is software that has 22 effects and 11 VST instruments. You can audio and video editing with this software. It is very quick and easy to install it, it will only take a few minutes to install and start using it on your Windows PC…

  • Avid Pro Tools 10

    Avid Pro Tools 10 - "the Best"


    Pro Tools 10 is a must have for any serious musician or artist looking to get the best possible sound while working with an industry standard DAW. Pro Tools 10 has 96 tracks and comes with 50 plus plug –ins and effects. It can be used on your Mac or …

  • Native Instruments Maschine MKII

    Native Instruments Maschine MKII - "10,000 plus sounds and samples"


    The Native Instruments Maschine MK2 is the newest piece of gear that I own. I just purchased this last week. So far I am in love with it, it works perfect with my current set up. You can use the Maschine to load sounds, change your patterns and autom…

  • PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional

    PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional - "Excellent!"


    Problem-free installation. Everything is quickly and impeccably installed after downloading from the website. The setup couldn't be simpler. I haven't noticed any incompatibilities. Everything is recognized (except for the 32-bit plug-ins, which ar…

  • Cockos Reaper 4

    Cockos Reaper 4 - "One of the best DAWs!"


    No issues during the installation. I had never seen something as simple and light. A simple DMG for mac and you can run the software.. It can be downloaded in 2/3 minutes, far from behemoths that demand 1GB only for the basics. You can test it as …

  • Ardour Ardour

    Ardour Ardour - ScahR's review


    It comes by default with my distribution (Tango Studio 1.2) and it works perfectly right away with Jackd. The interface is relatively simple and clear, the learning curve isn't as steep as with other software like Cubase. PERFORMANCE Hardwar…

  • Apple Logic Studio 9

    Apple Logic Studio 9 - "All Logics are great"


    Apple Logic Studio 9 was my main program that I would use a year ago. It was my go to program because of the VST’s that come with it. I think Logic has some of the best “built in” VST’s out of any program that has come out so far. Everything with Log…

  • Steinberg Cubase Studio 5

    Steinberg Cubase Studio 5 - "It's Pro."


    Cubase is one of the most well-known daw’s right now, it’s being used by many well-known performers and people in their home studios. It has a lot of awesome plug-ins that can help to build some nice effects and sounds. Reading the guide should des…

  • Avid Pro Tools 10

    Avid Pro Tools 10 - BeyondR's review


    Pro Tools is one of the most well-known daw’s right now, it’s being used by many well-known performers and manufacturers. It’s fairly complicated regarding the equipment that are build-in and the whole aspect of the software. The manual of the prog…