Waves PAZ Analyzer
Waves PAZ Analyzer

PAZ Analyzer, Tuner from Waves.

Hatsubai 06/14/2011

Waves PAZ Analyzer : Hatsubai's user review

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The Waves PAZ Psychoacoustic Analyzer is a plugin meant for monitoring the frequency of whatever track you put it on in your DAW. It's a nicely written plugin that's included in the Mercury, Horizon, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Sound Design suites. It's also compatible with both Mac and PC, so nearly anybody can use it. The plugin itself doesn't really need a manual as it's one of the more simple plugins that Waves has to offer. Basically, there is a design on the screen that allows you to monitor the frequency of the track you have PAZ on. This can be either an individual guitar track or the entire mix. Once it's on, you can freeze the analyzer to see exactly how your mix sounds. The tool itself is used only for monitoring, and they're extremely helpful for fixing any overlapping frequencies that are being bundled up, adjusting the mix to suit a particular frequency or even to see what frequencies aren't being used that much.


Waves plugins can sometimes look a bit dated, especially on an OS like OS X, but the performance of them has always been fairly stable. There's an issue with it working only in 32 bit in Logic, but Logic has a built-in converter that'll automatically launch it in 32 bit so you don't have to convert the entire program to run it. It's basically acting like a wrapper to run it in 32 bit instead of 64 bit. I've never experienced any crashes with Waves plugins, and they've saved me a couple times during various mix downs. To top it off, it doesn't require a ton of memory like certain other programs. Then again, this is something you usually don't just leave on your bus as it's not necessary to have it there for the final bounce.


I actually find myself using the Logic Spectrum Analyzer more than this simply because it's a little more convenient than scrolling through the entire Waves plugin list to find this. The fact that it's given in basically every Waves bundle proves that it's a necessary plugin, but it also proves that a lot of today's DAWs already have something just like this built in. That said, the plugin is very stable, it works as advertised and it is extremely easy to use.