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obasound 03/06/2006

Fostex FR2 : obasound's user review


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I've used the about 4 times in professional situation.
it works really well.
effectively with falling prices it's worth ..
enface recess now there is the tascam HDP2 for which the time code n is not optional but included dorrigine.
for those of autonomy is a term some soundman disconnect their keg of it that are on their sound and uses less ca!
external power supplies of some prennenet for the ghost ... personally I j a small box with 2 xlr xlr out in 2 and 4 batteries of 12 volts in pictures ... AC drive very long time ... attention the neumann are v 48 + / - 4 v while akg example is 9 to 52 v. ..
actually the ergonomics could be better
it is a bit bulky
but the preamps are still very good ... as well as the headphone amp ... except that if it exceeds 85% with a 600 ohm headphone heels ca ... evdement 7506 with a sony or other in 80 ohms it goes without prob.
there are more and read of choice but when you see the signal-noise preamps that is sometimes scary ...
It was interesting to record the birds that can modulate ptits BEYOND - breathless 18.
personelelment I head over to nagra ares bb but it's more expensive and not ride a 192 ca ..?
Good luck to all and good record
ps I also have a belt with 8 batteries size price leader D. .. but it is very heavy with the weight left it going and lasts ca extrememnt long!!
j did urban environments like this by placing the gear on the roof of a car to rest and after I walk with the batteries, shoulder strap is cool!
and no need for 23 euros ... bcp ca pollute too much in this acs it is better to buy rechargeable batteries and settle according to the fr 2 (page power supply to the battery type in that he knows that he will receive 8 * 1.2 * 1.5 8 and not otherwise it not work)

a yes for usb is apparently one of the usb?
by connecting the PC to my fr2 full card of 2 Giga takes ca 20 minutes
by removing the compact flash and the metant in the computer or card reader is ca 4 min max
that's very bad!
because it often marrive to clear my 2 gb card for the applause and resume recording of the concert on the same card.
4 GB card is still expensive