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earz 07/05/2005

Fostex FR2 : earz's user review


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- Use 3 weeks abroad in conditions such report ...

- From a features standpoint, the Fr2 done rather well what is asked without hesitation and regardless of the conditions. For the story and the soundtrack is really very good. No vibration constraints, the connection is complete and serious, all functions are directly accessiblent. And data transfer is done directly (I use a PCMCIA adapter to transfer directly to my FC in my laptop without using the USB)
Although binding, the use of batteries (LR6 ... 8 to 1:30 of autonomy) is justified because it can be found everywhere on the planet. Provide all the same two sets of rechargeable batteries!
Pre-rec function is really convenient.
Ergonomics General published my rather average: Can not cut a sample taken to eliminate unnecessary parts and the memory optimizer ... probably a security measure but it's a shame. Use of CUES (locators) on the fly would be a good idea if it really works: when importing the audio, all CUES end up at 00:00 ... a bug?? (Found on PC (SoundForge) and MAC (PEAK) with firmware V1.08)
Try it with a 2GB CompactFlash SMART, I had no problem. However I would not recommend the use of CompactFlash-based microdisk, it becomes catastrophic addition access times become very long when we want to be operational soon ... (That is ennervant) I had a lot of mistakes not to mention that I appeared to be an increase in noise such as "digital" in the use of this type of memory .... bizare ...
The A / D converters are very good and the sound is clear but the phantom power is activated when a breath and induced crachottements significant at low levels (I did some tests with Studio Project C4 and NEUMAN KM184 ...) and those who want to record low levels are likely to be disappointed on that. It would then prefer micro electret battery powered or static to circumvent this. Frankly the price of such equipment were expected better quality electronics ...
Same for the finish: to € 1500, no house transport, no transformer either, no part of the front flap configuration buttons and avoid such errors by switching 16 to 24 bits or enclenger cuts down ... the plastic does not seem very strong, the REC not least, fostex could make the effort on the transparent part of the display that despite my efforts to protect it has mocked very quickly (that was so simple to the thick glass rather than plastic bad ...). Same, the LCD and backlight are of a quality worthy of the devices in the late 80's ... that is abusing + value!

Finally I would say I would do probably buy the same unit as part of this apareil is reliable, on the other hand there is no concurrency in 24bit/192kHz memory card ..

I add that I have compared the sound of this unit with a SoundDevice. For me there is no picture, sound is much better on the FR2 yet sound device is much more expensive ...