Sony PCM-D50
Sony PCM-D50

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 17 reviews )
 9 reviews53 %
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 1 user review6 %
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r1150r's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" PC ® 50"

Sony PCM-D50
I use it for 2 1 / 2 I find it excels!

Pat One11/16/2009

Pat One's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony PCM-D50
I use it for 15 days for sounds made mainly outside (atmosphere, only sounds, music ...).

What I like most is the sound quality, the sound is really clear and clean with the internal microphones. The device is very simple to use, it looks sturdy, it inspires confidence.

I have not tried other devices of this type, I can not compare with patterns of sound device or mixer type sqn + couples or external microphones Schoeps Oktava. Well it's clear that from a solution mixer + Schoeps, the sony is below but it is not the same budget, the Sony does not really have to be ashamed over this kind of more expensive solutions bcp .

And it's much more convenient to leave just the PCM D50 than to walk around with microphones, mixers, mic, recorder, etc., the quality of its equity is really good to see a real difference should be made compraison an A / B. In absolute terms I am super satisfied with the results.

What I like least is the choice of minijack connectors, handling noise fairly present (be careful), no ability to record in mp3 and cell system, but nothing really unacceptable. In the "less" as I would put the ergonomic if you want to use external microphones as there is no phantom power and mic input that is minijack. But I do not think the d50 has really built for that.

The zoom H4n have XLR connectors, for example, but plug in a pair of Schoeps H4N zoom is what it will sound better than a sound recording with the microphones of d50? it remains to be seen.

The value price is right, the device is still quite expensive especially if you take the accessories you arrive quickly at 700 euros. But it's like all the quality at a price.

I would do without this choice problem.

Doppelpat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony PCM-D50
How long have you use it?
Just returned from two days of field recordings made of his: mountains, forests, lakes, rivers ... Environments sometimes held (the cow bells across the valley) etc ... I also tested a few days in the studio with an acoustic without any background noise.

What is so special that you like most and least?
+ +: The integrated Micor are excellent. The stereo image is stirring in 120 ° and 90 ° ... With the headphone on is bluff more than once: do I hear this sound live or is it recording? It's really close. The breath is very low, both with built-in microphones with an external microphone (Sony ECM-MS957 Stereo Sony condo battery powered). The image of my stereo external microphone is lower, narrower and less effective than the internal mics.

+: The sounds of manipulation are present, manageable if you are careful, but not excellent (it is the weak point of many of these recorders integrated Micos)

-: The pickups are VERY sensitive to wind. It is essential to buy the windshield, it's useless without (without: the slightest movement is punished: the wind created by your walking motion is too. The slightest movement of your wrist, you might sound). And even with the windscreen, a magnificent hairy hardly changes the sound, which is excellent, with catches wind of his problems are and made me prefer my external microphone.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I have an Edirol R-09: a strong wind coupled with an electronic noise rédibitoire taken as soon as the sound is low: pfffffffff. The 09HD is much better. Manipulation of the sounds of the 09 are low but much more present on the HD. Too bad.

I tested a zoom H4n: not bad at all for the price! The breath is low, but not as much as the Sony. Manip sounds not too problematic (it is blunder anyway). The mics are good.

I Dented with Marantz 670/671: Well, but it's bulky and have had problems with microphones insoluble saturated with too much fishing. Against by the breath is low.

I also used frequently Nagra Ares-M. Provided you have the right capsule (the most expensive, of course), that's fine. Other capsules are downright bad. Handling noise is a real problem on the Nagra: one comes to wonder how a brand as pro overlooked this detail (in a capsule suspended when one of these devices?). The price is prohibitive, though.
How would you rate the quality / price?
Excellent. The sony is easily comparable to the Ares-M, and surpasses all others. (The Marantz 620 looks good for a comparable price. The 661 looks at top of top, but larger and more expensive)

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Oh yes! I worked 15 years as a director in radio, I am a musician, and I'm very demanding. My expectations are, and more comprehensive: I want to record from almost silence, whispers of radio plays two or three meters, and my violin concerts in more than 100dB. My Sony does all this perfectly with its built-in microphones. For voice at close range, it's better done with a microphone for this (but hey I know no one who did that really well integrated with a pair).

ronan35's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony PCM-D50
I use the PCM-D50 since June 2008, I have not had the courage to wait until October to get it in France, especially since I needed a quality camera to record the rehearsals.
All I had seen before, except for the DAT, seemed very robust and disappointing (I tried the Zoom H4, the Roland R09, MicroTrack), or I travel a lot, often with a backpack, and I need a solid camera and a sound that is the best possibe to record acoustic music in my travels.

This unit goes beyond my expectations, it is just cleverly designed and a value price!

A little anecdote: we needed to record a song as a duet for voice and guitar album "Logodennig" in honor of Kristen Nogues, published beginning September 08. In the short time available, it has released the PCM-D50 brand new to the duo. The guitar is amplified with an AER compact60. a little reverb on it in the studio, and that's a title that sounds incredibly good!

for the curious is track 8, Ar Men Du, samples Listen here ( )
we would not have done much better with a couple of Schoeps!

the radius as, among other things, that I prefer:
Big-knob adjustment of input level during recording, so indispensable and absent in the competition.
- Ease of use (my grandmother could use it without asking any questions)
- Robustness
- The button "divide"
- Security file deletion

some flaws?
- The lack of "Jack or XLR inputs 6.35, but the input-output minijack are excellent
- The inability to record mp3, suddenly it takes place quickly, and that force to make more frequent backups

I ever did without hesitation that choice tomorrow, we'll see in 10 years if something better ...

wahed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony PCM-D50
Purchased early-September 2008; good use since (at least 4 hours of taking the week)
"I used the H4 for 8 months before.
- Excellent price / quality ratio ... In this price range, is the first time I can say that the device fits perfectly with the use I want to make (electronic components, radio art, sound taken to the corporate).

The "+":
- The converters are so much fun!
- The mics are very acceptable for many applications
- Finally a real wheel preamps gain for a small device!
- The windshield (on request, a bit pricey, but good) ... the windshield, then, is quite the mini-Rycote Windjammers of
- Well, of course, the 24bit-96kHz
-Can connect a remote control. Convenient to control the PCM-D50 with a field mixer (gall mixer) connected in mini-jack. Can thus be used with the mics and quality 48v, my faith is very good (I know, with a preamp Denecke which would return to the digital PCM, it would be better ...)
- Oh ... there is also the possibility of "splitter" (cut "into two files, reading as during recording ... really pratiquepour separate distinct periods in a sound recording)

The "-":
- No XLR input, for sure, but it really is cheaper and more portable than a Sound Devices, right?
- Being able to use the SD memory as it would have been nice from the guys at Sony ...
Cactus Deville09/04/2008

Cactus Deville's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony PCM-D50
It is enjoying a trip to the United States (and favorable exchange rate) I bought this recorder.
I bought it at the beginning of my vacation, so that I could test the animal for 3 weeks.
I recorded various sounds: music, outdoor and indoor environments street and I must say I was surprised by the quality of decision-sound (only with built-in microphones).
For recordings of music groups, I think you get the best results in directing the microphones at 90 °. A 120 °, the stereo seems too large for this type of recording.
on the other hand, are oriented to the atmosphere at 120 ° and it's really great. The stereo is very broad. I recorded the scenes at a concentration of Harley and the result is stunning. We believe it! The bikes go from right to left means the discussions of people passing, and dynamic range is very extensive ...
Operation is simplicity itself. In 1 quarter of an hour we understand everything.
It is true that this unit (unlike the Zoom H4 or H2) does not offer tons of settings and very little editing capability (you have to do everything at the computer). It only records in wav, but it does so so well! It may still be loading mp3 and use it as an ipod. It can also connect an external microphone via a minijack.

What I like:
it is very easy to use and easy to use.
It is beautiful.
The mics are very good.
It fits in a (large) pocket.
Very good battery life.
The build quality is impeccable. No game in different orders, the action buttons is straightforward.
It is very sturdy thanks to its aluminum shell (I did fall off a bar stool on the floor: the agony!! It does not affect him because he still works as well.).
You set the recording level with a knob on the side of the unit is really great practice and level bars are large and legible on the screen.
The other knob is for the listening volume.
It is heavy enough to hold well in hand.
It is insensitive to handling noise when recording a minimum by attention (which is not the case with h4!).
The ability to orient the microphones at 90 ° or 120 ° and a real bonus depending on the source recording.
The limiter (3 settings) is effective as the low-cut.
It is recognized immediately as an external drive with a mac. There's more's drag / drop the files you want.
The screen is very readable. A button to illuminate it's too dark.
It can record 22.05 kHz/16 bit to 96/24.
You can record to internal memory (4GB) or Memory Stick.

What I like least:
The use of Memory Stick cards. I would have preferred the SD.
Can not record in mono. But hey, it is especially annoying to record a voice.
The inability to rename the 10 files installed in the device and where files are stored (Warning, if you rename a computer since it will not be accepted).
The lack of true XLR and phantom power supply for an external microphone.
Using a windshield ESSENTIAL outdoors. The slightest breeze will saturate the microphones. But I do not think it is specific to this unit.
The use of batteries. Battery type digital camera would have been more convenient. But autonomy is good. I do not know how long I used it during those three weeks, but the light indicates the battery charge in 2 / 3.

In summary, this Sony is perfect for mobile recording of very good quality.
I had no experience of this type of device (other than the Zoom H4 I had the opportunity to use a little) but I am captivated by the PCM D50. Compared to Zoom, I think we're really in an upper register both in build quality (the photo really toc) and the ease of use (H4 seems a real gas plant compared to Sony) that the quality of the microphones.
Of course, the price is not the same. But if you have the opportunity to buy in the United States (it cost me 310 Euros) I think it is a very good deal.
But this is only my opinion ...

Some examples here:

mrcroche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sony PCM-D50
A near-perfect ergonomics, equivalent pcm D1 but with the necessary corrections from the prototype version of PCM D1, significant price reduction, the slight lack of bass is corrected on the D50 and the new direction, well practice of microphones, ... + Keeping the battery (LR6 BATTERIES 28h! with 2600A) against the 4H PCM D1.

This device is perfect for those wishing to catch sounds very clean and precise. voice, music group, making room for internal and external ...
it overwrites all other devices on the market in a price range under 800 euros, and frankly in all areas ...

very sensitive microphones (allow windscreen)

very simple and effective ergonomics

4 gigabytes of expandable memory card up to 38 GB.

S / N incredible input and output

only problem! the absence of 48 V, but the converters are excellent for this price, there is also an XLR adapter from Sony which delivers +48 v, also usable on small cameras not equipped with XLR inputs. (About + 400 euros)