Zoom H2
Zoom H2

H2, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Zoom in the H2 series.

Daeavelwyn 12/04/2014

Zoom H2 : Daeavelwyn's user review

«  the Swiss Army knife recorders »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I use it mainly rp, but I've also used as a main microphone miking an amp! I for 6 years and I use almost every day.
What I like most is the quality of microphones and rendering and overall versatility of uses that can be made.
Another strong point, you can use it as his / micro USB card and it works very well even under linux, usb sound card recognized as the first time! This is perfect if you want to route the sound directly into your DAW rather than using the recorder H2
The downside is the shell a little cheap plastic and is fragile, have to be careful with this kind of stuff anyway!
Another negative, for cons, autonomy, I even stop thinking to use it without its power supply (except with usb, then no need to power supply).

I think one day invest in new generation H2N model I tried with a friend, it's a great slaughter again !! XD