sibanak 06/04/2014

Zoom H6 : sibanak's user review

«  Really top. »

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I use it for a month almost every day.

I have not tried "other models in the same genre but rather pro machines (DAT location, Nagra IV S, mixer etc ...) with Schoeps or Brüel & Kjær and other AKG. This does not me because I'm a specialist rather studio. H6 I waited for preamps corrects.J 'still have a little trouble deciding on the choice between MS and XY.

What I like most is the ability to change the pickups as the objectives of photos and all entries device. The sound quality is excellent catch for the price.
Another thing that kills the sound card. plug it into a computer pronto, giving you access to 6in and 2 out. I tried taking a Martin guitar and then I could go in VST without latency (64 samples so imperceptible with a pick). So if you are looking for a great sound card nomadic ben voila! This is a great tool to get sound for sound guys too rich and sound designers and musicians (you can play the vase, fork or rain stick). I added that 96kHz 24-bit pitch changes become very interesting. I also think people in the image, with 6 in you are ready to ambiances, HF, and even four dynamic phantom power supplies! I think famous brands have exploded the price for the third possibilities !
So, really, head over to this machine.

What I like least is the ergonomics a bit old and not lit in the dark retro buttons and lack of function macro front. trims should have been notched because the slightest touch could turn ca. Finally, regarding fied Sound recorder, the Tascam DR 40 apparently fared better so feel free to listen and read the tests to suit your needs! Another small stone garden threading attachment to a tripod. ben if it records sound a thread mic stand is not logical (or failing adapter)?