Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
MrPropre 01/03/2008

Behringer V-Amp 2 : MrPropre's user review


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Ditables many effects on the machine itself (no need to go through a PC or Mac).
A footswitch pedals, the V-Amp and Power, all grouped in a small bag. Weight lightweight, compact, large, easily transportable.
Possibility to connect a headset, amp, ... in short, everything that makes you want to get the sound! Basically, no need to carry around with his amp to go to BPS, even the most lousy computer speakers can make out the sound of this thing blue)


Trs easy to use, the edition of the sounds is quick and easy too. You can either engage the Discoveries of the V-Amp, or even so-so read the instructions. For my part, I'm the first choice and am well trs out;)


Trs good sound quality overall, trs good sounds and effects, except the wah-wah which is very dcevant, and presets that are dpart suck (but ditables all fa ons).
Small problem in terms of changing presets. Indeed, there is a lag time between the passage of a preset one that is small but remarkable.


I use it for a few weeks, but I am far from the be. I'm not an expert Contents effects, and everything in regard to guitars, but the report qualitprix the V-Amp is the same poustouflant. It can be acqurir for a hundred euros, so it is the door of everyone in prices, and all the possibilities it offers, has worth to pay. However, for those with 500 dpenser in effect, go your way, even when there is a much better way to find ... but not for 100 anyway! ;) I test the POD (in full competition with the jewel of Behringer), and I found the V-Amp more efficient, more "finished" my taste.

For me, it's just the problem of latency when switching from one preset to another (not useful for the trs live!), But put a hand, no major problem report.
In addition, 125 presets are ditables (25 sries of 5), which makes us a lot of dj work before any filling and any use. The range of effects looks like a small plutt (we would have wanted to buy a nice plutt effects pedals with tons of delay DIFFERENT), but it really way to do wonders with a, because the big advantage for me in the V-Amp is that almost anything can be adjusted carefully according to my wishes.

Basically, there are plenty more of that good pedals wahwah ct and would be perfect;)