Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
Froideval 11/06/2007

Behringer V-Amp 2 : Froideval's user review


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T say everything about it! In my opinion lacks a pitch shifter ...


It is not complicated but not very practical either to configure the device via same ... against it by foot via the software edition (which I find more convenient than the POD XT).

Weaknesses: - no switch (or dye to turn the machine) ...
- Change in latency between patch (for Gnant certainly live).
- No USB

These are small but n'enlve nothing to quality of the device.


The effects are enough for me ... but lacks the pitch shifter ... tjs

I use it with my guitar (humbucker with Fender, Ibanez RG 550 and Variax 500) connected to my PC via my mixer (single formula is trying to time) and I must say that I find the V- Amp 2 trs satisfactory or even more considering its price and its age.

It is often taken as an orphan product Line 6 (POD XT) and for my part ... I am tempted to say it suits me better for now that the big bean. I like the frquences bcp and everything appears well in my mix. Grain amp is DIFFERENT from that of the POD XT. I did not really clean sounds INTERESTED ... follow.

In all cases, depending on the configuration chosen, a sound according to my wishes and needs (rock and instrumental rock like Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Steve Hackett and company).


It's been months qques I have (bought used 'to not grd thing) I am satisfied tjs trs and it allows me to vary the pleasure of the POD XT.
I think it is useful to pay given its price and what it offers ... so yes I highly recommend it. I'm going to pay me to watch her pdalier FCB1010.

The look and finish are debatable but the point is not l. .. Otherwise I'd be curious to try it on a Tech 21 amp adapted genre and group or live.