Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
Nrenier 09/13/2006

Behringer V-Amp 2 : Nrenier's user review


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This machine possde simulations amp and speakers, and an effects section. It can therefore replace the effect pedals, but I think it's particularly for amplifiers that must use it.

Good point: the potential effects in
bad point: no XLR output and therefore can not serve as a direct box is a real shame.


The use is very simple, and fortunately, because the way is the worst job I've ever seen (and yet it is not my first product from Behringer!). The V-spot is Systm gnial: the postition of the buttons is displayed for each knob when loading a preset.

I think they have the simplicity of privilgi Comprehensiveness is a pity: when you look at the number of paramtres modifiable, it is likely that the effect is misrable section. But in fact we are dealing a real complte effects section, and what is trs frustrating is that we can not set it directly on the device. Each effect possde between 3 and 4 Settings, but there is only one button rglage! To do what you will, it is mandatory to go through the MIDI and computer.

And another problem ... for me. The software provided by Behringer is only for PC and for MAC must Tlcharger paid software! Otherwise, you can always try to set the MIDI directly ...

So use:
9 / 10 for the amp section
3 / 10 for the section effects


Frankly, I'm not trained guitarist, but pianist. The sound quality is excellent. I have not had the opportunity to test the amps true emulation, but in any case, they are all typs trs, and you can walk in all musical styles. I tried simulations Native Instruments (Vox AC, Marshall Plexi and Fender) convolution, and I think this machine is widely weight. The diffrence is that one does not Access in particular amplifiers: for example, the reverb is the same for everyone, there is no treble boost the AC Box, no tremolo SPECIFICATIONS of fenders ... For cons, the settings are Tone (senss) Fidler to be true.

For quality sound a note. Some say the view that the sound is awful. This is normal: It is essential not connect this machine on a guitar amp is a total nonsense! How do you want the sound of a mesa boogie with a high) speaker 4x12 "going out on a guitar amp, say, a peavey? It's impossible, you will forcment of poop.

Simulator must be connected directly to a mixer, that's only these machines are made, for failing to use amplifiers.


Two types of use:
- I register: gnial is done has! I plug directly into the mixer or sound card ...
- I play in group: I plugged into the mixer and go out on the sound of the group, but not on my amp.

I bought the V-amp for power rpter quietly, and to record the guitar parts of my components without galrer me back my amp rotten (a silverstar 5 ") with a microphone, 3 am if I want.

I think the v-amp rpond my needs completely, and for that price, you must go for: the line6 pod is very well, but I do not think it worth the difference.