Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
Metaljo 08/22/2006

Behringer V-Amp 2 : Metaljo's user review


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It's easy to sen tro vremeni serve. We are unpacking e jou live, I bought it is already 1 year é o for guitarist on a budget c ba a super RAPORT money found its Tré saw that one wants me its still modest kan even on Naura jame marshall or mesa sound candle, lol. To obtain such a fo bought the amp. ^ ^ Seriously it é pa mal kom small pedal EM parcontre for concert bof c pa top, if vou keep its always the same time the musik c nikel Vou me if Devé the rapidly changing e ke se Assé different important sound of his previous fé a mute in 1 second and jpe Vou dir ke dan 1 second concert's Bear right the small button with its fragile time pe pota its FTA. Good So here behringer c c plastic. I counsel occurs for the guitarist debuted ki or ki e ki is progressing on a budget, I jme sui Fri mine bought a POD XT Live the good ba c matoss pro is even pluto interim parck a € 580 pedals , lol.Encore me something I jame fé EM there is a site for pedal midi fo connect a PC to download e pe is already a pre é tou c pluto's cool on my POD fé é nikel.


The quality of the prob born degeu c pa kon pe out of his mediocre me if you take the good tps exploited the V amp 2 sen e know we use corect pe Assé want out of tune. The clean sound does its é pa mal effect on or be easily added to E on the distortion pa mal kan ptre not rained even a limited pe EM fo just working on a pe pe e create d new.


Its going to rain a year ke I possess, c pedals simply be of use I buy for the price effect c e, c a good investment for the EM cellement débutan e ki progresses after the player confirmed for e pro i fo worm turned to BOSS, POD, VOX ...