Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
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Nicool 05/23/2004

Behringer V-Amp 2 : Nicool's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It's an amp simulator, for more CHARACTERISTICS compltes, see below.


The same device it has lots of features, but unfortunately the manual is not complete or trs clear on some points. So that one must look a little self-same.

Finally, turn the knobs, the buttons are pressed and we finally understood!


So then ... Personal beginners to have a max ttonn: some sounds taient draft, other inaudible, other taient most enjoyable ... Factory presets what ...

I took my courage with both hands and started quietly turning each knob and costs The Difference. APRS and finally a little time I have russi "sound" that I wanted. Subsequently, I took the time to try the other diffrent simulations available in this machine and I gniale is my small library of sounds which I am happy trs.

Cot effects, apart the delay, up Submitted I did not use much. I prfre recording process sounds with my plug-ins.

Regarding the problem of mix, I must say that I never really had big problems to mix the sounds of v-amp with the rest of my compositions. In most cases, the real problem came from the mix gnral in itself!


For now, I use the v-amp in home studio to record my guitars (I'll try it with my ending for low, that your exact parat is not bad at all ) and I'm glad trs.

I also use the "preamp" and save only the sound of the guitar simulation without any force or effect and then rework it with plug-ins such as Amplitube and Trash is trs INTERESTED!

Cot competition, many times I had the opportunity to DMOS Listen to the Line 6 POD and I find the sound of the v-amp more alive, more organic ...

Otherwise, the report qualitprix for me is excellent! For 149 (Thomann) was a machine that does its job but (like all machines) requires that spends a minimum time to learn to use it properly as desired.

I would do without this choice hsiter!