Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
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Bitozar 08/19/2003

Behringer V-Amp 2 : Bitozar's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Well, almost everything has been said I think ... About the connection, to point out that the MIDI cable is not provided, or the software must be downloaded.
Taking power supply is pretty bizare ... say not very universal ... The day she crame hello anxiety to find a
The autowha shall have been more 'Settings' for my taste.
And a small effect of pitch would have been cool.
Otherwise, it's ok ...


The, I would say average ...

Some options are only available when using two keys at once (eg presence of distortion, 2nd effect parameters, 2nd bank of amps). As I always usually a hand on the guitar to see what gives the mod is not very practical. Well, in the long run you get to use one hand but it's not very practical.

Another bad point: the latency between two preset changes, especially if the amps are very different (up to 1 second ...)

The 'drive' (to boost the sound a little more) is only available if you enter the edit mode, so you can easily change the gain ...

The color of certain entries is very difficult to read (white on blue ... blah ...)

It lacks an on / off switch.

on the other hand, very good point when using the 3-band équlizer and reverb (just like an amp).

Also, the pedals work pretty good. For the price, it is even surprising that it is delivered!

Finally, very good for small carrying case.


Of excellent, very good ... and also not so good.

Some amps are frankly crap ... (Sorry for the word). Say that it does not look like the original, I do not know (I know the original ...), but I play almost every style of music, I'm certain that I never use of them! (Some distos yuck).

It lacks a little amp with good clean sound (I use 3 only).

For cons, I love the rest. Being able to mix the grain of an amplifier with HP you want. It's simple: my twin + Start + 4x12 'and the sound I waited for years!

I use almost my metal zone thanks to Rectified, high gain, and ultimate company. Frankly, just for that, the v-amp is worth it. And thanks to the pots bass / mid / tri / presence / gain / reverb, I really feel like using an amp.

Some are excellent reverbs (spring reverb, I love). Effects (chorus, phaser, flanger) are very good and are not too 'electronic'

This little trick and really the top to Register ... I plug in my sound card and presto, it works and the best part is that it sounds thanks to HP simulators.

Finally, very good point on the signal / noise ratio.


Voila ... I've had a molis and I can say that I am not disappointed by this little v_amp2. The value for money is unbeatable. For that alone, I put a 9. Yes it has its flaws, but I think that each device of this type also (eg the price of some ...).

What I love most: the feeling of using a real amp.
What I like less: the loading time between two sounds ... frankly painful at times
What I like to have: more buttons to avoid using two buttons at once.

Since I have, I put my MT and I rarely use my amp to shit me rotten sound. I use so I plug in headphones or on my channel (do not worry, it encaise well distos full of big bass and treble).

A consultant to all, including those seeking to start a multi purpose, except those who want wahwah. Although it is possible to add an expression pedal, the price of the pedal is so high that it is not worth the time. To these people there are two possibilities: either buy a separate wah pedal, or take the little korg (1000 I think) that contains a pedal. But in this case, you lose the quality of the vamp

In conclusion, it should be remembered that the v-amp is a multi effects but an amp simulator. I would say that the effects are just a bonus. For the price, do not deprive yourself!